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ALIE has been donating bloodhounds to police canine units for 20 years.
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Always believe the children. It might save their life.
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This is a question I was asked by media when 5 year old Alie Berrelez was abducted in 1993. My hope is that no one is ever asked this question.  Your life will never be the same.  Try to do everything you can from finding yourself in a situation like this.  Life is about children and there is no other way to live life.  Richard Berrelez, May 8, 2014.

"Our mission is to reach out to the general public 
concerning the dangers of child abduction."

On this website you will find out why this Foundation was incorporated. You will learn how you can protect your family from the dangers that your children will have to avoid.  You'll find out why you need to be alert about people you know and new people that might become part of your life.  You will find out how law enforcement can be helpful and why to support your local police department.  You are going to know why we spend so much time with bloodhound dogs and why I have made horses part of my life.  Being proactive in the mission we pursue will become a part of your everyday life.  

Growing up in Frio County, Texas I entertained myself by looking at pictures of dogs in the Encyclopedia Britannica.  I would always admire the Bloodhound and the English Mastiff.  I told myself that someday I would get my own dog and buy a Mastiff. I have never own a Mastiff to this day.  Never would I have thought that someday I would end up spending most of my time living and working with bloodhounds, much less traveling thousands of miles to deliver them to law enforcement. 

To this day bloodhounds come and go out of my hands and I have never kept on for myself.  Close to 500 bloodhounds have come through our home and out to law enforcement all over the country. Each one represents Alie and their purpose is as Alie spoke to my heart, "Let them go so they can find children like Yogi found me." Is your police department in need of a bloodhound Manhunter?  Can we be of service to you?   Email us and we'll respond.  Richard Berrelez, May 8, 2014. 
Child abduction is something people usually don't think about until they meet it face to face, they are either touched by it, or they might be reminded by a past memory.  Child abduction has crossed my pass 3 times in my lifetime but I want to keep it away from my family and others  

Many years ago when I was younger in Wisconsin, my wife told me that she had heard on the News that a child had been abducted and found murdered.  It was a very sad story to hear, I was touched, but I never gave it much though after that.  

When I was about 6 or 7 years old growing up in Texas I was walking alone on a country road when a car with two men stopped to offer me a ride.  They open the door and told me to get in and that they knew my father and they would drive me home.  My instincts told me to say nothing but run, and don't look back until you get home safe. I did exactly what I knew I should do even though I had never heard about child abduction.  I never shared this experience with my parents or anybody else.  It became a lost memory for many years until one day when I stood in front of a school full of students and staff in the auditorium and I shared my memory.

In 1993 my first granddaughter who loved me, who liked to spend time with me, and stole my heart was abducted and murdered at the age of five.  Life has never been the same since that day.  I try hard to live a stable life but it is not an easy task.  When I think I am walking on an upright world that make sense I realize that my world always seems upside down.  Life must continue regardless, I live it day by day, I always carry the memory of my granddaughter Alie, and there are many others like my family in the world. Richard Berrelez, May 8, 2014.     

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Sometimes we do things that endanger our own children.  Things that we overlook or decisions that we make might later end up hurting our children.  Just wait I said, "I will be back as soon as I can." My youngest daughter was only 6 years old and she was with me as we were driving down a long desolate country road.  It was mid-morning, a very cold and windy day in the middle of Winter.  I did not even notice that the gas tank was low and the car just died as it ran out of gas.  Nobody was passing by for us to catch a ride so we walked a long distance while trying to stay warm even though we walked as fast as we could with my daughter trying to keep up.

After a long walk we finally got to a gas station.  After we were warm enough I was able to get gas in a borrowed gas can.  Not even thinking about child abduction in any way or form I told the gas attendant, "I'am going to leave my daughter here."  My daughter was not happy but I left her anyway.  Children have always been and are always abducted from anywhere at anytime.  It never crossed my mind to ask someone for a ride and take my daughter with me.  I never forget that day and I was just one of the fortunate fathers that got his daughter back that day.  Just wait, is not acceptable sometimes in the life of a child.  Contact us for a presentation.
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This was one of our visits to Indian Ridge Elementary in Centennial, Colorado.  It is important to talk to children about child abduction and to make it a way of life.  Look at the faces of these children and try to tell yourself that one of them is not important to their family or our country.  

None of these children can be replaced.  Each one of them is very important and unique.  Your child is precious to you, it is not an easy job caring for your children every single day, it is a great responsibility, but you do it for one simple reason.  You love them too much and you should and more.  

There is more, have you prepared them for the dangers and the risk that they might have to face each day?  Do they know what they should do to protect themselves from an approaching person or stranger that means to hurt them or possibly pull them into their vehicle?  Make it a way of life, talk to your children every day about criminal minded people.  Your child is very important to you and your family.  Email us your questions, comments, or request. 

We have started a new project to promote horses for law enforcement posses.  Posses have always conducted searches for lost persons, including children, and abducted children.  One of the bloodhounds that we placed in Wyoming has worked several times along with a posse in Wyoming.  For this reason we find it important to get involved by promoting horses to be used in posses and assist in the placement of these horses as we are able.  With the right support we will be able to make this possible.  Any thing we can do to be part of not only finding lost persons but also missing or abducted children can make a big difference in saving a life. Your support is appreciated and welcomed.  The horses on this picture are the property of the Foundation to promote this project.    
Call your local police within 10 minutes when you have a missing child.
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