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ALIE is a 501 © (3) non-profit organization registered with the IRS.

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Since June 10th 1993



This is a question I was asked by media when 5 year old Alie Berrelez was abducted in 1993. My hope is that no one is ever asked this question.  

Your life will never be the same.  Try to do everything you can from finding yourself in a situation like this.  Life is about children, they bring great joy to our life.  

Richard Berrelez, May 8, 2014.

Our Mission Is To Reach Out To Children, Parents, 

Families, And Law Enforcement, Concerning 

The Dangers Of Child Abduction


Our Motto,  "Hope is the final masterpiece."

Our Message, "Always hold on to hope."

Our Vision, "To serve with an unwavering heart."

On this website you will find out why this Foundation was incorporated. You will learn how you can protect your family from the dangers that your children will have to avoid.  You'll find out why you need to be aware about people you know and new people that might come into your life for the sake of your children.  

You will find out how law enforcement can be helpful and why to support your local police department.  You are going to know why we spend so much time with bloodhound dogs and why I have made horses part of my life.  Being proactive in the mission we pursue will become a part of your everyday life.

We appreciate your service and your courage for putting your life on the line 
for your country and your community, rest in peace. — Berrelez Family
Hunter is an Official Police K-9
The pup with no name now has a name, Hunter.  Hunter is now 3 months old.  He was born on October 2, 2015.  He is now in training and will continue his training for the rest of his working years.  Hunter will be working out of Mount Vernon, Kentucky at the Rockcastle County Sheriff's Office with Deputy Tony Bullock.    

Our Special Thanks to three very considerate children for donating their 2 week old male bloodhound puppy to ALIE Foundation, Inc. to help find children everywhere. This new pup will go to a police department somewhere in the United States once he turns 8 weeks old.  His job will be in law enforcement.  We also offer our thanks to all law enforcement officials for all their time and effort in searching for children every time they receive a call of a missing child. 

The new pup will be train to be an Official Police K-9 and his job will be to search for missing and abducted children. His future will make a difference in the life or death of a child. Thanks to all our supporters since 1993 and hundreds of bloodhound donors and bloodhound handlers in law enforcement for remembering ALIE.  

 Richard and Leticia Berrelez, ALIE INC.

Kevin Lehigh  A 34 year old Boston Police Officer was shot in the face yesterday.. He is fighting for his life today.. Please pray with us for him..!!  Friday, October 23, 2015





Re: Your Concern,

DeOrr Kunz Jr. missing from Leadore, Idaho and only 2 years old is a very sad situation for his family and I can empathize with you and the Family. It is hard to know how to comment on this. In the Rocky Mountains by Denver a child was lost during a camping trip several years ago. He was never found, there were no signs of anybody in the area taking him. Everybody near the area was very helpful in cooperating with local police. The child never turned up. It was concluded that the child was probably carried away by a mountain lion. Mountain lions are quick to attack without being spotted the majority of the time. They are always on the prowl.

I am truly concerned with the disappearance of DeOrr Kunz Jr. Since they have already used search dogs, cadaver dogs, and the local police and county has come to a dead end they might still be interested in trying one last thing that I can suggest. There is an international cadaver search group in the Denver Area, NECRO SEARCH. They are very professional and successful in their work. They will only go out on a search if they are requested by the local police in charge of the case. This group does not charge for their service when requested by a local police agency. This is not to say that they will deploy their service if requested by the family or a concerned citizen for a fee or not. You can suggest the idea of requesting the services of NECRO SEARCH to the local police on the case. NECRO SEARCH contact information can be located through Google.

This is the best solution that I have to offer on behalf of the family and DeOrr Kunz Jr. If it were possible for me to have certain powers to find the young child I would be the first to come out. As many bloodhounds as we have placed throughout the Country in law enforcement I am always wishing that we could do more. This is the one reason I promote the idea of having trained bloodhounds searching for a missing child within the hour if not sooner when a child is call in missing. Timing is of most importance.

Because this case seems complicated I felt that I owed you a truthful and sensible response. I hope you will find a way to share this information with your friends, The DeOrr Kunz Jr., Family.

In most difficult cases sometimes waiting, patience, and hope come to a close with a happy ending. My heart felt feelings to you and the Family.

There is always Hope,

Richard F. Berrelez
ALIE Foundation, Inc.




Next week we will be in Los Angeles, California at the studios of Warner Bros., Crime Watch Daily, to conclude final closing statements to air our episode on Fox. Los Angeles Sheriff's Office Sgt. Davoren and K-9 Bloodhound Copper will join us on the set. 

"Respect and Cooperate with our Police Officers in America for the Sake of our Children and Grandchildren's Future." — Richard F. Berrelez,  September 25, 2015


Colorado police departments meet to train their ALIE hounds. Left to right, Leticia Berrelez & Books, Richard Berrelez & Pencils, Darren Moffitt & Tracy, Jerry Nichols & Yogi, Colleen O'Connell & Tim, Al Nelson & Adam, with Glenn Bailey & Alie. Yogi officially joined the ALIE Tribe. Anno Domini 1995.

In God's Image

Genesis 1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

Genesis 1:31 And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.

Our condolences to the family of Deputy Darren H. Goforth and our thanks to Deputy Goforth and his Department for their service to All Americans.

" It is a good thing to respect and cooperate with the law of the land that we live in, and have chosen, to protect our American Families."

— Richard F. Berrelez Family, Denver, Colorado

Americans Stop Murdering Americans 

Families of Homicide Victims and Missing Persons is a group of people that will get together for their annual meeting on Sunday, August 29,2015. Around 16,238 Americans are murdered every year for no good reason. Many of them are police officers doing their job to protect innocent Americans and some of the victims are small children. One of my granddaughters was one of those small Americans. 

I am honored to be invited to speak to this group on Sunday. My wife, Leticia Sada Berrelez and I will be there. I have been asked to talk about hope. Is there any hope? I believe there is, I believe that there is hope for Americans to stop murdering Americans. What ever happen to self control? Many Americans have to stop acting on their anger and control it instead. Since these Americans know they have out of control anger they need to be responsible for themselves and get the help they need. Nobody else can do it for them. 

There is hope for Americans of homicide victims and Americans that allow their anger to murder other Americans. On Monday I go in for a medical examination. They will be looking for a cancerous tumor or cancer in my bones. I am not in the best of my health and I am ready for any outcome. We should always hold on to hope. God's will be done. There is hope for Americans, find the good in you.
Keep tuning in to Crime Watch Daily to catch our episode with the show. 

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Cadaver Search Dogs

"In this news footage you see me working with Rocket, an American Bulldog who is my son's and wife's watch dog. I know him very well and he also knows me like he knows himself. I decided to put him to work by having him trail for me for a few demonstrations. He decided to cooperate and make me proud by showing off. I have train him to do other fun things but I have never train him to trail before.

There are really only two kinds of cadaver dogs. Those requested by law enforcement working murder cases and those that are independent directly request by the families of the victim. In law enforcement most cadaver dogs are train to track or trail before they are train to become a cadaver search dog. Not all working dogs like searching for cadavers, many will reject it.

Most dogs prefer to find people that are alive at the end of their trail or search. In trailing and tracking the dog takes you to the person you are looking to find. In a cadaver search you take the dog to the cadaver where you have a positive idea of the specific area where you believe the cadaver is located. In order to track or trail a person the dog will track a person by looking for ground disturbance. In trailing the dog will lock into the scent coming from a person's body which are the skin cells.

In a cadaver search the dog is not tracking or trailing the dog is detecting the smell coming from the cadaver. The smell of a cadaver penetrates through the ground or water if the cadaver was buried or disposed of in a body of water. Tracking dogs, trailing dogs, and cadaver search dogs are very special dogs that are capable of doing their job by going through a lot of training and continues training." 

— Richard F. Berrelez
Keep tuning in to Crime Watch Daily to catch our episode with the show. 

The American way of life must stand firm. It has to be about people working together for a good cause.  A good cause is making sure that every young child has a bright future ahead of them.  With us it starts with a simple but important visit to Warren Village Learning Center in Denver.  

On this day we spend quality time talking with the children about the value of their life and the dangers that we are all concern about.  The Carter family and their bloodhound Scarlett support ALIE with their presence as children ask serious questions about strangers and proudly present the American Flag.  Children make a difference in our life and it's time for us to make a difference.  

Growing up in Frio County, Texas I entertained myself by looking at pictures of dogs in Encyclopedia Britannica.  I would always admire the Bloodhound and the English Mastiff.  I told myself that someday I would get my own dog and buy a Mastiff. I have never own a Mastiff to this day.  

Never would I have thought that someday I would end up spending most of my time living and working with bloodhounds, much less traveling thousands of miles to deliver them to law enforcement. 

To this day bloodhounds come and go out of my hands and I have never kept on for myself.  Close to 500 bloodhounds have come through our home and out to law enforcement all over the country. 

Each one represents Alie and their purpose is as Alie spoke to my heart, "Let them go so they can find children like Yogi found me."

If your police department needs a bloodhound for their K-9 Unit   we can be of service to you.   Please contact us anytime, thank you for the opportunity to serve you. 

Richard Berrelez, May 8, 2014. 

Child abduction is something people usually don't think about until they are touched by it.   I was reminded of a past memory from long ago.  Child abduction has crossed my path 3 times and only now do I fear it and work at protecting my family from it.

Many years ago when I was younger in Wisconsin, my wife told me that she had heard on the News that a child had been abducted and found murdered.  It was a very sad story to hear, I was touched, but I never gave it much though after that.  

When I was about 6 years old growing up in Texas I was walking alone down a country road when a car with two men stopped to offer me a ride.  They open the door and told me to get in and they would drive me home since they knew my father.  My instincts told me to say nothing but run and not look back until I got home safe. I did exactly what I knew I should do even though I had never heard about child abduction before.  I never shared this experience with my parents or anybody else.  It became a lost memory for many years until one day when I stood in front of a school full of students and staff in an auditorium and I shared my memory.

In 1993 my first granddaughter who loved me, who liked to spend time with me, and stole my heart was abducted and murdered at the age of five.  Life has never been the same since that day.  I try to live a stable life but it is not an easy task.  My life is not stable, my world use to make sense and now it's unstable. Life continues regardless, I live it day by day. I carry the memory of my granddaughter Alie.  It is sad to know that there are many families like my family in the world.  Their world makes no sense. 

Richard Berrelez, May 8, 2014.     

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Sometimes we do things that endanger our own children.  Things that we overlook or decisions that we make might later end up hurting our children.  Just wait I said, "I will be back as soon as I can." My youngest daughter was only 6 years old and she was with me as we were driving down a long desolate country road.  

It was mid-morning, a very cold and windy day in the middle of Winter.  I did not even notice that the gas tank was low and the car just died as it ran out of gas.  Nobody was passing by for us to catch a ride so we walked a long distance and even though we walked as fast as we could to stay warm, we were cold.

After a long walk we finally got to a gas station.  After we were warm enough I was able to get gas in a borrowed gas can.  Not even thinking about child abduction in any way or form I told the gas attendant, "I'am going to leave my daughter here."  

My daughter was not happy but I left her anyway.  Children have always been and are always abducted from anywhere at anytime.  It never crossed my mind to ask someone for a ride and take my daughter with me.  

I never forget that day, I was a fortunate father that got his daughter back that day.  Just wait, is not acceptable when the life of a child might be in danger.  Contact us for a presentation.

This was one of our visits to Indian Ridge Elementary in Centennial, Colorado.  It is important to talk to children about child abduction and to make it a way of life.  Look at the faces of these children and try to tell yourself that one of them is not important to their family or our country.  

None of these children can be replaced.  Each one of them is very important and unique.  Your child is precious to you, it is not an easy job caring for your children every single day, it is a great responsibility, but you do it for one simple reason.  You love them too much and you should and more.  

There is more, have you prepared them for the dangers and the risk that they might have to face each day?  Do they know what they should do to protect themselves from an approaching person or stranger that means to hurt them or possibly pull them into their vehicle?  Make it a way of life, talk to your children every day about criminal minded people.  Your child is very important to you and your family.  Email us your questions, comments, or request. 

The school has over 900 students and resorted to a year-round track system. The school is great, but had one major flaw in my eyes. When I would drop off my kids, they would line up in the back of the school and await their teachers to come retrieve them and march them to their classes. However, often, the teachers would not come out or show up until the very last minute. I would always stay around because it was prime breeding ground for some psycho to kidnap a child and no one would even know. I self-assigned myself to being the "watcher on the wall," protecting the children. Memories of Alie and your dear family's horrific experience made me very aware and attentive to these kids.

One day, my youngest son's teacher never came out to get them, and about 25 first graders were left outside waiting for her. Fortunately, another mother and I remained there, but had we left like the other parents, our children would have been left unattended behind the school. Needless to say, this completely freaked me out and the other parent and I took the kids into the classroom ourselves. 

Come to find out, his teacher had a conference that morning and had asked another teacher to bring her students in and apparently there was a miscommunication, which could have put our kids at great risk.

Of course, after my child was safe, I marched myself to the principal's office, where I shared Alie's story and how I never want to see another family go through the horrors your family has gone through. With tears in his eyes, he was horrified and assured me he would take care of the situation.

As a result, he met with his entire staff and PTA, and put in place a safety program where not only is every teacher outside in advance to the children's arrival, they also have over 12 PTA members who serve as school crossing guards (which they didn't have before) who are also assigned with monitoring any suspicious activity, and they have the principal or assistant principal walking the grounds constantly before and after school with radios. Plus, they put additional staff members (like the PE and science teachers) around the perimeter to monitor the kids and keep them safe.

So, I wanted to encourage you because (with tears in my eyes as I even type this), Alie's story is saving not only my kids but over 900 other students and their families from this ever happening to them (at least on school grounds). Last year, it was highly probable that the school could have had missing children. This year, that risk is almost impossible due to the changes they implemented as a result of Alie's story.

I hope this encourages you to know that in Alie's memory, other children's lives are being saved in advance. I think of her every time I drop my kids off at school now, knowing that she is the reason our school is now safe. I always whisper "it's because of you Alie,"

So please tell Alie's mom that Alie is still making a difference after all these years, and although I would rather she be here with her, Alie's life in heaven is making a gigantic impact here on earth.

Bless you all. I just had to share to encourage you and let you know I still think of you and Alie always. Lots of love!!! Give Alie's mom a big hug and kiss for me. I miss her.

Mr. Pacheco, 
Date: May 18, 2015
Time: 11:05 AM

September 13, 2013

"Thank you Richard, latest news on Doc Holiday.........we were involved in a search and FIND of a kidnapper.............the subject slit open the young girls screen in her bedroom, took her away from her home.  Our bloodhound Doc Holiday was used 28 hours later. The kidnapper carried her away, she was 9 years old….We went into her home and gathered scent articles, used them to scent and track her scent from her home and tracked to the suspects residence about fourteen blocks away..................GOT THE S.O.B..................girl is safe.

As you know I can not give you more details because of hampering the case........we want him to go away .............this IS one of your finest bloodhounds you have put out in law enforcement…………Doc is comin on 9 years old, so sad, but we still use him, we nailed the coffin on this guy, it was Docs tracking that acquired the search warrant !!!!.............We just used him in a wilderness search about 100 miles from here, we were flown in a helicopter to the wilderness, landed hot and were extracted hot...........I love Doc so much as I think he is the best ever.......some times I wish doc and I would meet with you again before he passes on................please keep up the great work you do, we will also until we can not anymore............I want another bloodhound, but not until doc can not go understand I hope......... "John, Red, Fyler and Doc Holiday."   

Bloodhound Doc Holiday Died October 6, 2014

The Bloodhound Project has been around since 1993 and has been active to this day.  Out of more than 500 bloodhounds for law enforcement the larger percentage have been transported by Frontier Airlines out of Denver, Colorado.  Many things have change since 1993.  We begin by transporting bloodhounds by driving all over the country to deliver them to police departments.  

At times we would drive to get the hounds from breeders in other states on our way to deliver them to their designation in another state.  In one trip we drove to Florida with 6 bloodhounds with us inside our vehicle to deliver one bloodhound. The other five went along for the adventure and once back in Colorado we drove one to Oregon and another to Washington State.  It wasn't in our heart to leave any of them behind. 

When we started flying them with Frontier Airlines and other airlines we would fly them from the age of 3 months to adult in cabin.  We rarely flew them in cargo since they were welcomed in cabin.  The bloodhounds flew for free since they were part of a very special project, to be trained to find abducted or missing children.  Other assignments for them would be to trail and track down criminals on the run.  They would be in danger of being killed on criminal cases or being run over by traffic while focused on a scent.  There is a risk of danger to bloodhounds that work in law enforcement like the officers that put their life at risk each day. 

We still drive them to their designation every once in awhile. The last time we drove four thousand miles to deliver a bloodhound to North Carolina.  This particular department has worked with a total of four bloodhounds from ALIE.  Several airlines will not fly large dogs in cargo or cabin anymore.  For this reason, the bloodhounds we still fly are no older than 8 weeks old.  We can fly these pups in cabin since they are small enough to fit in a flexible kennel under the front seat.  Sometimes a police department will request an adult bloodhound and if we have access to a hound that will work for them we will drive it to it's job in law enforcement.