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Board of Directors

Richard F. Berrelez
Richard Reese
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Leticia Berrelez
Rich Berrelez

The ALIE Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.
  Incorporated and registered with the IRS on June 10, 1993.

Our Mission Is To Reach Out To Children, Parents, Families, 
And Law Enforcement Concerning The Dangers Of Child Abduction.

Working with protection dogs, police bloodhounds, horses for police 
posses, children, parents, families, police officers, volunteers, contributors, public
schools, and events help us to continue with our mission for the Foundation.

ALIE Foundation Inc. is founded in memory of Alie Berrelez.

Alie was five years old when she was abducted by a stranger.
        She was found 4 days later, 14 miles from her home in Colorado.

The case was solved on September 13, 2011.  Advanced DNA technology 
was helpful in bringing the case to a close.  In 1993 DNA testing was not as advanced. An arrest was never made and the murderer died of a drug overdose 10 years earlier.

Prevent Child Abduction

Protect your children from abduction, it is not something you want to go through.

Talk to your children everyday about following stranger awareness safety rules.

  Make it a way of life in your family and with your children to be watchful always. 


ALIE Foundation CFC #34167

The Combined Federal Campaign is one of the best campaigns I know about.  We are one of non-profit agencies that are thankful for federal employees.  We offer our special thanks to every federal employee making the effort to keep non-profit agencies in operation through payroll deductions.  Federal employees are a major support to many agencies in America.

The bloodhounds keep on coming through our front door and howling across America.  Picture bloodhounds coming through your front door for twenty years and remembering them at different times when they keep coming in your mind and your thoughts.  Memories that I thought I would forget and feared that I would never be able to remember.  Bloodhounds that have gone all over the country doing what manhunters do, searching for missing and lost children and tracking down criminals on the run from the law, are always on the trail.  This is the story of the ALIE Manhunters.    Thanks to the concerned citizens of America, our members, supporters, family, friends, and volunteers.  You too are always remembered. 

Our Plan
We are reaching out to children, parents, families, and law enforcement to work together, 
and do our part to find better ways to watch over children, talk to them to become more aware and alert about strangers and other people that might try to harm them.

We made a commitment to go out and speak to children and families everywhere and remind them of actions that should be taken to prevent the abduction of children.  We started by first visiting my daughter's school in our own neighborhood that had about 400 students.  The words of our concern for children and their families were not hard to find within our hearts.  They had been engrained deep in our heart and these words are still within out soul to this day.  

The second part of our mission was to locate a bloodhound dog that we could purchase and give to a police department so they could train it and use to search for missing children. We had never seen a bloodhound before and we did not have an idea where we could get one.  We did not know how a bloodhound could help a missing child or anything about the dog's ability.  

We had no idea how a bloodhound would be trained or how long it would take to train it.  In other words, we did know what we were getting into or if anybody would even be interested in our plan. We only knew that a bloodhound we had never seen before searched for our granddaughter Alie and found her on the fourth day after her abduction.

Our Concern

Alie was found on the fourth day after her abduction but it was too late for her.  After 20 years I still remember when a detective working on the case drove up to us and said,  "We have found a little girl but we don't know if it's Alie."  On the fourth day before 12 noon took action to lead a group of people in doing our part to search for Alie.
People were willing to help and search and we were able to speak out and ask for help. We gathered outside a mall not to far from the police station that was working on the case. People were asking what they could do to help.  I had no idea what I was going to do but I said the first thoughts that came to mind.  I told some people to go door or door again and show Alie's picture on a flyer.  I told others to take flyers with them if they were going to be driving around the city and hand out the flyers to anybody that would be willing to take one and display it anywhere.  I told a third group of people to please go to all the near by parks to look for Alie everywhere.

Just as the people that were willing to search were heading out, the detective told us that we should go to the the police department and wait until they were ready for us to identify the little girl to see if she was Alie.   I knew in my heart that it would be Alie and right away I started to break down.  We had a long wait and when we finally when to a room where we could only look through a glass window I saw her and my heart broke and an anger rushed into my soul and has not left to this day.

What happened to Alie and what has happened to many other children before Alie should never happen to a child.  We can only do two things and it is very simple.  We can do something or we can do nothing.  I choose something but it might not make a difference and it won't if we tell ourselves that.  We are our children's last hope and without us they have no hope.  It it too late for Alie, it has been 20 years too late and it is too late for many other children.  But it is not too late for the children that take the bus to school, that walk to school, that play outside their home, that walk to their friend's house down the block, that play at the park, and that just quietly stay inside their home.

Today, ALIE Foundation is still around because of what happened to Alie Berrelez in 1993.  I personally can not stop what I committed to and promised to Alie in my heart.  There was a story I heard a long time ago when I was a kid.  "A woman lost her child in a river and after searching in vain you can still hear her cries throughout the night to this day."  According to the story she continues to search for her missing child.  I guess she made a vow never to stop searching.

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November 18, 1995

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